PCR-MS sealing element ensures a primary property of sealing pipe penetrations between environments of various classifications. Control your environment with PCR-MS sealing system for pipe penetrations it is a fast and easy provision of in situ airtightness, dust, water proofing, and sound reducing in manufacturing, packaging, and research facilities.

PCR-MS sealing system are manufactured on regulations and GMP guidance also documentation meet the basic requirements of GMP and provides access to the overall quality of the final product. Quality of PCR-MS sealing element assure documentation for metallic parts inspection certificate 3.1 according to EN 10204:2004 and non-metallic regulations 21 CFR part 177.2600. Products manufactured from compound in question are suitable for use under FDA part 177.2600 regulations provided.

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The PCR-MS sealing elements are standard according to the pipe diameter and therefore are manufactured according to the size of the pipe for penetration. The sealing element is fitted exactly to the pipe diameter. The seal is specially designed according to pipe standards. The exact fit of the PCR-MS sealing element to the pipe ensures high-quality sealing. The position and assembly of the penetration is not restricted by orientation therefore the element can be used to seal penetrations through walls, ceilings, or floors. The PCR-MS sealing element is designed to optimally fit the pipe system in the given conditions and therefore ensure the best possible sealing in the given conditions.

On Click you can find GMP / FDA documentation about the elements, the assembly detail, 3D models and BIM elements.

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