PCR-MS stainless steel sealing element with a mono seal for pipe penetration between controlled environments is used in systems requiring special conditions.

PCR-MS sealing system is designed for implementing in various conditions and can stand hazardous environment conditions without any problem. Conditions which elements successfully manage are.


The installation of the PCR-MS pipe penetrations sealing element and the orientation of the penetration is practically unrestricted. The position of the penetration’s sealing element can be installed for pipe system penetrating from the ceiling, the walls, or it can be used for floor penetration. The sealant ensures sealing and impermeability in any position. The sealing element cannot support or bear the pipe system at the penetration point. In the preliminary final installation of the PCR-MS sealing element it is necessary to position the pipe segment in the middle of the opening and to ensure a good fit of the sealing element on the surface of the opening. Before the final installation of the PCR-MS sealing element, the pipe segment must be statically fixed on both sides of the penetration point. The functioning of the PCR-MS element and the sealing of the penetration depend on the correct installation of the pipe system.

The placing of the PCR-MS sealing system on a pipe segment where it is necessary to provide a slope in the pipeline is carried out with a permitted deviation of the slope of the pipe segment and PCR-MS sealing element of up to 5°. A gradient of up to 5° is permitted and does not affect the functioning of the PCR-MS sealing element.

The manner of using the PCR-MS sealing element in more demanding circumstances. To ensure additional protection, the element must be placed on both sides of the pipe at the point of penetration into and out of the space. By using two PCR-MS sealing elements we maximize the protection of the seal of the pipe penetration.

Product Dimensions

The PCR-MS sealing element is standard according to the pipe system diameter and is therefore manufactured according to the size of the pipe system in penetration. The sealing element is fitted exactly to the diameter of the pipe system. The seal is specially designed for any pipe system size. The exact fit of the PCR-MS sealing element to the pipe system ensures high-quality sealing. The position and assembly of the penetration is not restricted by orientation; therefore, the element can be used to seal penetrations through walls, ceilings, or floors. The PCR-MS sealing element is designed to optimally fit the pipe system in the given conditions and therefore ensure the best possible sealing in the given conditions.

Drilling ∅ hole (mm) = ∅ OD (mm) – 40 (mm)

Depending on the size of the passing pipe system penetrating through the opening it is crucial to choose the correct size of the PCR-MS pipe penetration sealing element. The assembly process begins with the correct choice of element size depending on the size of the passing pipe system and the correct choice of the material for the sealing part of the element depending on the conditions and impact in the functioning and the orientation of the PCR-MS pipe penetration element.


The correct choice of PCR-MS sealing element enables resistance to changes in temperature without affecting the element’s properties and function. The correct choice of the sealing element’s material enables good performance in both low and high temperatures. The special selection of the sealing part of the element enables the sealing of pipe systems with very high temperatures of the medium in the pipe system. Durable resistance to high temperatures of up to 220°C is an additional option in PCR-MS mono seal elements.


The selection of the special material of the PCR-MS sealing element enables electrical conductivity between 103 and 106 ohms. Elements with special electro conductive properties are marked with the label . The PCR-MS pipe penetration sealing element marked with an electrical conductivity label can be conditionally used in explosion hazard zones 2, 22 (1999/92/ES). The element does not receive an explosion hazard label. If the element is intended for areas and zones of conditional explosion hazard this needs to be disclosed at the time of ordering and defined together with the user. Such PCR-MS sealing elements are equipped with a special document MEASUREMENT REPORT EN 10204-2.2 with additionally performed conductivity measurements on the seal.


The PCR-MS pipe penetration sealing system is designed to perfectly damp vibrations and also works as a noise reducer while ensuring optimal sealing. The sealing and proper functioning of the PCR-MS sealing element is dependent on the proper installation of the pipe system. The sealing function is limited by vibration amplitude, which must not exceed 0.3 mm at a frequency of no greater than 30 Hz.


The PCR-MS waste element can be 100% recycled following correct procedure.