A Wide Area of Application

  • clean room in manufacturing pharmaceutical products
  • environmental protection from chemical processes
  • maintains ambiance for food processing
  • protects the semiconductor fabrication

The Suitability for Use

  • in areas with multiple temperature fluctuations
  • machines, mechanical parts that cause vibration
  • retention of atmospheric conditions in the area
  • provides clean environment for laboratories and production


  • insensitive to liquid, moisture or solid particles
  • vibration resistance / redundant
  • electro-conductive
  • biologically and chemically resistant


  • simple cleaning
  • ensures cleanliness - sterile space
  • does not contain animal products
  • limited use in explosive hazard zones


  • checklist
  • certificate FDA
  • certificate EN 10204/3.1
  • instructions for use

PCR-MS sealing element ensures sealing pipe system penetrating concrete walls, so-called sandwich panels, sheet metal, laboratory devices. Installation is simple and fast without additional elements or specificities and without the use of special tools.

the Benefits of PCR-MS seal elements are in many stages and it is a great product because:

  • easier installation
  • smaller area for the accumulation of dirt
  • no maintenance
  • resistant to chemicals
  • resistant to external influences
  • limited use in explosive hazard zones
  • allows deviation
  • GMP documentation


PCR-MS penetration system are available in the following pipe standard and sizes:

  • DIN 11866 Series A(DIN11850-R2) from pipe diameter Ø10mm to Ø204mm
  • DIN 11866 Series B (ISO1127) from pipe diameter Ø10,2mm to Ø168,3mm
  • DIN 11866 Series C (ASTM BPE) from pipe diameter Ø6,35mm to Ø203,2mm
  • DIN11850-R1 from pipe diameter Ø6mm to Ø22mm
  • SMS(3008) from pipe diameter Ø8mm to Ø101,6mm
  • Other pipe diameter


PCR-MS element configuration and properties are defined by seal colour

EPDM -15°C - +85°C (5°F - 185°F) Sterile working conditions
EPDM -15°C - +85°C (5°F - 185°F) Normal working conditions
EPDM -15°C - +85°C (5°F - 185°F) Normal working conditions
EPDM -15°C - +85°C (5°F - 185°F) Electro-condutdive
Silicon -15°C - 150°C (-22°F - High temeratures
Silicon -15°C - 150°C (5°F - High temeratures